• Restaurant

    The Nungwi Inn restaurant is predominately specialises on sea foods though an array of other specialities are served. The Chefs are professionals with excellent culinary dexterity and a vast experience. Their inclination is on both traditional and international cuisine and capable of satisfying almost every specialised taste you may have. You can gauge your spices level and type to suite your taste buds.

    The restaurant runs an ala carte menu but there are daily specialities from the Chef‘s recommendations, most often than not, based of the day’s catches. This may include freshly caught calamari, octopus, prawns, lobsters or crabs, and tropical fishes such as barracuda, king fish, groupers, tuna and others. BBQ buffets are normally organised on festive days. You can choose to dine in the restaurant, on the shaded platforms, on the beach and even right on the shore. Light meals, snacks and special kid assortments can be organised with ease. Nungwi Inn Restaurant is the only BBQ RESTAURANT in North coast which is always served on the beach with the candle light as illuminator.


    A least 10 people can be organized BBQ
    All the BBQ and dinner served at the beach with the candles as illuminator.